Privacy Policy

 Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
We appreciate your concerns and care about the utmost secrecy of your information on the internet.
This policy was prepared to help you understand the nature of information we collect from you when
you visit our website and how we deal with such personal information.

 The information necessary to implement the needed transactions from you
When we need any information about you, we will request you to provide that information at your full
discretion, where this information will help us to contact you and process your requests. The
information you provide us will never be sold or submitted to any third party with the purpose of
marketing it for a private interest without getting your prior written approval, unless this is done based
on that it is part of collective information used for statistical and research purposes without including
any information that may be used to identify you.

 When contacting us
All the information provided by you will be treated as confidential and will be used to answer all your
queries, notices and requests through this website.

 Disclosing information to any third party
We will never sell, send, submit, or disclose any information to the interest of any third party outside
this website nor such information will be disclosed unless in case of issuing an order to this end by any
competent legal or regulatory authority.

Links to other websites on the internet
Our website may include links to other websites on the internet or advertisements from other websites.
We should not be held responsible for information gathering techniques used by those websites. You
can review the privacy policies and the contents of those websites that are logged in through any link
within this website.

 Disclosing the information
In all times, we will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information we get from you.
This information will never be disclosed unless this is required by any law or to defend or protect
intellectual property rights related to this website or the beneficial entities therefrom.