Our Services

Legal Consultancy:

  • Providing effective, trustworthy legal consultancy services in all fields. Our services are designed to protect your rights.
  • Drafting general contracts and agreements, including partnership contracts between public and private sectors, companies, agencies, real estate investments, and investment portfolios, etc
  • Providing all legal services related to local and foreign investment entities such as establishment, registration, amendment, segregation, and liquidation, etc.
  • Managing trade transactions, tenders, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Establishing non-profit organizations. This includes achieving all related requirements, including registration and all documents and contracts.
  • Liquidation of inheritances and resolving disputes related thereto.
  • Preparing and issuing statements of claims, notices, and opposition statements to judgments.

Pleading Services:

Pleading in all kinds of lawsuits before different courts, committees, and panels at different ranks and types such as arbitration committees, especially in the following areas:

  • (Real estate cases (real estate disputes, expropriation lawsuits, etc.
  • Commercial cases and issues of companies and their disputes, dissolution and processing settlement procedures.
  • Financial and banking cases as well as settlement of disputes.
  • Proceedings of inheritance and dissolution of legacies, wills and endowments.


Arbitration is an effective way for settling disputes in a fast, simple and confidential way. This is makes it the best choice for businessmen, corporations and other persons who want to settle different types of disputes arising from contracts and transactions. Arbitration is one of the main services we provide. In doing so, we depend on the broad legal and judicial experience of Lawyer Abdulelah Alorwan and other lawyers in our office. We perform all aspects related to arbitration such as providing an arbitrator or a casting arbitrator in the cases. In addition, lawyer Abdulelah bin Ibrahim Alorwan is member of:

  • Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration.
  • Commercial Arbitration Center of the Gulf Cooperation Council for Arab States.