About us

About us : 


Abdulelah Ibrahim Alorwan Law Firm (Lawyers, Consultants, and Arbitrators) was established in 1438 AH. The Firm is powered by a group of highly professional and experienced lawyers and consultants in Sharia and legal areas. We provide comprehensive and effective services in all relevant fields. Our work depends on the broad experience of Lawyer Abdulelah Ibrahim Alorwan, which exceeds 20 years in judicial and legal fields. He first worked as a Judge at the Public Court of Jeddah and subsequently at the Public Court of Riyadh. Then, he was appointed as assistant president of the Personal Status Court in Riyadh and later as a President of the Personal Status Court in Jeddah. During his office as President of the Executive Court in Riyadh, he became a   judge in appeal. He then chose to retire early after he had completed the service period required for early retirement.



  • Vision:

    To become regional pioneers in the field of advocacy, consultancy and judicial arbitration for individuals and corporations.

  • Mission:

    Rendering optimum professional services in accordance with the ultimate legitimate and legal procedures through a specialized team of professionals experienced in various legitimate and legal areas to serve and provide our clients with solutions customized for their needs.

  • Our Values:

    Justice: We are keen on achieving justice and ensuring the fulfillment of rights in absolute honesty and integrity within the scope of our service.

    Commitment: We adhere to providing for our clients within a professional relationship bound by the highest ethical standards care for their needs, time and privacy.

    Excellence: We keep in mind rendering services that fit our clients’ needs up to the highest degree of excellence and guarantee its sustainability in line with our authentic values.

    Partnership: Our clients embody our core of interest, and hence, we are keen on holding a solid partnership enabling them to choose the most suitable proposed solution in parallel with their needs.

    Transparency: We adopt disclosure policy on dealings with the information of our clients side to by side with legal and legitimate procedures in a clear and simple way drawing a comprehensive picture of their rights, needs and obligation.